Using Microcone in Other Audio Applications

The Microcone can be used as a high-quality microphone input in any audio application.

Simply select Microcone as input microphone in your application's preferences.

Optionally, while the Microcone is being used in another audio app, you may use Microcone Console to control and visualise Microcone's processing.

Microcone Console is a simple app installed with the driver on Mac OS X (under Applications) and Windows (System Tray).

Microcone Console shows a top-down representation of the device and a division of the surrounding space into six sectors. When someone speaks, a circle automatically appears in their direction. The volume of each sector can be independently modified, so you can control relative speaker levels or reduce noise sources.

Under Settings, you can select between High (default) and Moderate enhancement levels, or completely disable Microcone enhancement (for advanced users only, used to access Microcone's raw microphone signals).

Note: Microcone Console will only show speech activity when another audio application is using the Microcone.

Technical Note regarding Microcone on Linux
Microcone Console
Microcone Console Settings
Microcone Console