Microcone Product Support
The Quick Start Guide on our Getting Started page explains how to install your Microcone and get up and running with Microcone Recorder. Non-English language versions are also available.
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Our Video Tutorials demonstrate how to use the Microcone Recorder and Microcone Remote software, step by step.
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To access the latest drivers and software applications to get the most out of your Microcone, visit our Downloads page.
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The Microcone can be used as a high-quality microphone input in any audio application. Learn how Microcone Console can be used to control and visualise Microcone's processing while other applications use its audio.

Technical Note regarding Microcone on Linux
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Click here to view warranty details for your Microcone.

If you are a Microcone customer and have any issues not addressed by the information on this site, please contact support@dev-audio.com.