Microcone Recorder: Record, Tag and Recall your Meetings

Microcone Recorder: A Powerful App for Recording, Tagging and Recalling your Meetings

Microcone® Recorder (Windows, Mac OS X 10.7+) is a companion application for the Microcone device. Together, they turn your computer into a high-quality system for meeting recording, transcription, retrieval and analysis.


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Innovative multi-directional digital microphone

Microcone® Recorder is designed for recording group meetings with the Microcone device. The Microcone® uses breakthrough microphone array technology to capture audio from up to six different recording directions – all within a single device. Each of Microcone’s hexagonal faces records high quality digital audio (48 kHz, 24-bit) from that direction and then sends it to your computer via USB. This multi-track capability distinguishes Microcone from other digital voice recorders which are inherently designed for single person dictation.
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Designed specifically for recording groups

Designed to record small discussion groups (up to 6 individuals), Microcone® Recorder is a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution for professionals wanting to acquire, analyse and archive a large number of group conversations, such as meetings, interviews and focus group discussions. Simply place Microcone on a table, seat your participants around the device and start recording. When you need to record several people, Microcone is simply the best digital voice recording solution.
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Integrated time-saving highlight tagging and speaker timeline

Microcone® Recorder records each person to their own audio channel, along with a visual timeline that automatically shows when they spoke. During or after the meeting, you can tag key highlights as Important, Decision, Action or Questions.
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Intuitive interface to quickly find and review key moments

Microcone® Recorder allows users to search a database of meetings automatically indexed by conversation date, individual participant names or keywords. Users can quickly navigate to sound bites of interest using an interactive timeline of the conversation, a searchable transcript or time-tagged notes. Recordings and transcripts can also be exported in standard formats for easy integration with other software tools. More than just another digital voice recorder, Microcone Recorder is a unique system for creating and accessing your valuable voice recordings.


Microcone Recorder Overview
Microcone Recorder Transcript

Note: Screenshots are taken on Mac OS X, but also accurately reflect the Windows version.

What our customers are saying

"a unique, high quality product that lets us capture meetings and discussions
easily and without disruption"
University of Edinburgh, UK

"has the definite advantage of saving us much time and effort for coding of speech-related
nonverbal behavior in social interactions"
University of Neuchatel, Switzerland

“using Microcone Recorder to record our focus groups ensures we gather crystal clear,
usable information with ease”

Shared Marketing, Australia

Free Download

Visit our Downloads page to obtain Microcone Recorder free for Mac OS X or Windows.


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