Microcone wins Best of Show award at Macworld in San Francisco

Gold Coast based company Dev-Audio launched its Microcone Recorder meeting recording solution at the annual Macworld exhibition in San Francisco and has won a Best of Show award.

"We knew Microcone was a world-class innovative technology as we'd won the Telstra Innovation Challenge in 2010 and then the Australian International Design Awards last year,”  said Dr Iain McCowan Managing Director of Dev-Audio Pty Ltd. “However this was our first go-to-market event and the opportunities that came to us at the show from prospective customers through to technology and channel partners were overwhelming."

Dev-Audio's system is based around  the Microcone multi-directional microphone device designed specifically for group conversations. This unique solution uses patented microphone array technology to distinguish voices based on the location of people around a table, as well as reducing background noise and reverberation.

Unlike any other system currently on the market, it separates and identifies each voice in a group using a single device, and integrates with speech-to-text web services from Nuance for audio transcription.

The Microcone Recorder applications then provides an enriched meeting record that can be quickly searched by speakers and keywords, and browsed according to a visual timeline of a conversation.

For more information:
Iain McCowan
web: www.dev-audio.com
phone: +61 7 56 414 363,
twitter: @devaudio