Founded in 2008, Dev-Audio Pty Ltd is a privately held company based on Australia's Gold Coast. Dev­‐Audio's vision is to create the world’s leading voice processing technologies for multi-­user interaction.

As our first step in this direction, we have created a game-­changing meeting capture solution that allows people and companies to better benefit from the time they invest in meetings. The Microcone is an intelligent microphone array designed specifically for group conversations, and the Microcone Recorder app simplifies the process of tagging and recalling meetings.

Dev-Audio's Founder, Iain McCowan, is an experienced Research and Development Manager and Engineer, with particular expertise in Microphone Array Technology. Prior to forming Dev-Audio, he gained experience in a variety of R&D roles at the Australian CSIRO, the IDIAP Research Institute in Switzerland and the Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

Dev-Audio was acquired by Biamp Systems in 2014.


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About Dev-Audio